On my second D600: Broken diopter adjustment

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Re: On my second D600: Broken diopter adjustment

hopster wrote:

The same thing has happened with TWO D600 bodies ... I was able to fix it my doing the following:

-rotate diopter dial to full +

-shake camera vigorously

-tap with your knuckle on or near the hot shoe, then reset diopter to your liking.

I kid you not, this worked on both bodies. Maybe it just stays "stuck" on full - diopter when assembled and needs to be shaken loose. Hope this works for you

I'm on my second D600. On the first, the diopter worked fine, but it had the oil/dust problem. On this, second, D600 the diopter did nothing out of the box. After doing what Hopster, above, said, my diopter worked. Unfortunately, this, second, camera also has the oil/dust problem. And this one is worse than the first. On the first one, the spots only showed up at f14 and smaller. On the second one, the spots show up through the full aperture range. Now to decide whether to send the camera back again, and wait another 10-14 days, or just clean the sensor. Any suggestions?

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