Cheap R2000 Genuine OEM carts sets still available!

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Re: Cheap R2000 Genuine OEM carts sets still available!

jtoolman wrote:

Darkroomdude wrote:

Great price, I bought a set, do you have any idea how or why they offer OEM ink at such a low price?

............. Thanks

I've explained it before but in case you did not see it....

The T-shirt printing industry had adopted the R2000 as the printer of choice for the job. They completely modified the printer and body to accept an undercarriage which holds the T-shirts in position. The use special inks ( not what we use for photos ) for printing onto cloth. These inks cause head to not last very long. The buy humdreds of New R2000 and remove the heads to replace them onto their grament printers as needed ( modified R2000s ). That leaves hundreds headless printers that you can buy for around $30 each as well as hundreds of orphaned sets of OEM inks. Which they know they can easily turn over at these princes.

THIS WILL NOT LAST FOREVER!!!!! Take advatane of this now. Just a few months ago they were sellinf as low as $8 with the average at $15 a set.

As a printer lover I think this is "Criminal"!


Here is an example albeit a bit exreme, Price is $2.09 a piece but you are getting 176 NEW assorted carts.


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