Pentax WG-3 vs Olympus TG-3 - movie limitations

Started Aug 21, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Pentax WG-3 vs Olympus TG-3 - movie limitations

Thank you very much for your response.

I do need the camera to take serious knocks because it needs to be carried to and through caves, canyons, etc. The housing protects from water but not really from drops, the lenses and everything else will eventually move.

The Olympus you have - is it 28mm even if you turn off the optical and software stabilization? I've got a really old pentax w20 and it reduces the width when software IS is on, but if turned off then the width becomes that of the lens at it's natural maximum width. I tested this by placing it on a table and pointing it at something in photo then video mode and checked the resulting width.
BTW, can you turn off auto focus in your Oly? This way the ticking should stop. I had the same in my pentax and I half click, focus on whatever I want then full click for recording. Focus gets locked but ticking goes away. In my case action shots are at 4-8 meters so the focus does not affect the image too much front and back.


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