The Advantages of DR400 vs DR200 vs DR100 - High Contrast Scene

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HS50EXR has "broken" EXR? Here is how to test...

keenrw wrote:


Sorry to jump in but i have a HS50EXR , does it work along the same lines ? the reason is i have read that DR is broken on the HS50 .

I haven't used an HS50EXR nor seen RAW images made available.  Who is claiming EXR hardware is broken?

You can test very easily for yourself or send me (dropbox) some suitable RAWs if you don't want to do it.

How To Test EXR Hardware:

1) Choose a high contrast daylight scene (see examples in this thread, especially the one where DR400 drops to DR200 and the DR100 according to how much highlight material is in view).

2) Expose in M size at DR400 and DR100 (if DR400 works, then DR200 will also - no need to shoot DR200 while testing)

2a) Also do some exposures in L size at DR100, and DR400 at some stage.

3)  Keep ISO less than (not equal to) DR to invoke hardware EXR

4)  Make ISO = DR for some images (always shoot DR100 and DR400 in the same sequence so you can compare)

4a)  Make ISO higher than DR for some images.

5)  Install RawDigger and open the first image.

Use Windows right click Preview to open the JPEG version

Use Silkypix/RFC (or any less competent RAW processing software that you like ) to open the RAW version.

6)  Depending on what mode you shot in, there will be a Frame selection box at the bottom of the RawDigger screen with a choice between Frame 1 and Frame 2 if EXR hardware was active.

If there is no difference between the 2 frames in exposure level then EXR hardware was not in use to produce a DR higher-than-100 shot.

I am not yet a RawDigger expert in that I have only viewed maybe 20 or 30 different exposures, and I certainly have questions about why some things occur.  But this is a primer to get you or anyone else going...

Note: If you can, shoot a moving object so that you can  also easily see the difference in speed between the two EXR frames.

Remember: EXR hardware is only used in M size (and RAWs are only available in PASM and Auto with X series EXR cameras) when DR is higher than ISO .

With HS and F series cameras RAW is also available in EXR Mode (that is, when EXR mode is set with the Mode switch).  I haven't yet looked at my F770 samples in RawDigger yet, but I know that there are differences in output between these and the X series cameras when using DR.

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