Film Vs Digital (not the usual question)

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Re: Film Vs Digital (not the usual question)

jrtrent wrote:

I didn't see anyone say that out of camera photos are un-processed, only that they are not post-processed. In any event, that is not the point you made in your previous reply; you made it sound like anyone who chooses to post a picture with the information that it has not been post-processed does so because they lack the skill to do any post-processing and because they want to deceive others. I find that an unfair characterization.

Everything after pressing the shutter button is post processing.  It doesn't matter if it's film, digital, involves a darkroom or a computer, the image is defined the instant the photons strike the sensor and starts an electrical process.  This is the same as photons hitting the film and starting a chemical reaction.  Everything after that is post processing if we're following the film analogy.

Or we could also throw out half a century of photography history and Bresson's notion of the "Decisive Moment."   Are you somehow wanting to define photography as something different?

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