Dilemma: A99 vs new Olympus E-M1

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Re: Thinking about problems ...

Nordstjernen wrote:

Earler we took a lot of great photographs with Kodak Tri-X film, ISO 400, developed with Kodak HC-110 or Agfa Rodinal. Grainy. Yes! But this was the best we could get.

Earlier we took a lot of great photographs with big cameras and didn't whine about carrying a few pounds of gear around

What's interesting is that the proposed FF kit is serious overkill compared to the proposed m43 kit.  The big 24-70 and the 85/1.4 both provide significantly greater low light capability and significantly shallower DOF on FF then their m43 counterparts.  That FF system can be scaled back considerably.  What's also interesting is that the proposed m43 system does not exploit the potential size benefits of m43.  The 25/1.4 is far from a big lens, but the 20/1.7 is well loved for its convenience, and the f/2.8 zooms are going to be big.  So it's more about total kit size/weight, and there's a lot of room for compromise in the FF kit while still providing greater capabilities than the m43 system.  That's not to say I blindly recommend the FF kit.  (Personally, I'd skip the m43 and go with APS-C).  Just that it doesn't have to be 3 lbs versus 7 lbs.

- Dennis

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