Picassa Comprimised, Flickr Sucks

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Ed B
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Re: Picassa Comprimised, Flickr Sucks

tjdean01 wrote:

I hate Flickr because it's so slow and takes so long to load the thumbnail page plus I hate how the photo opens in the same window. It's as if they designed it for tablets and smartphones. Old Flickr was much better.

I'm upgrading to something better than Flickr, and I automatically think Picassa because I have it with my Gmail account anyway. HOWEVER, all of the images I've ever uploaded to Blogger are in there automatically. So, when I tell someone to look at my photos on Picassa, which I plan to leave open to the public, I don't want them to be able to view what I have in my blogs. Similarly, I don't want readers of my blogs to view my photography sets/folders. And yes, if I delete the images from Picassa they will be removed from my blogs.

Soooo, I need a third-choice. Any ideas? What I need:

A gig or so of storage
Ability to download at least 1600x1200
Ability to SHOW screensize images during browsing
Sets/folders like on Flickr and Picassa
Fast like Picassa


Everyone is different but I feel the same as you. I don't care for the new Flicker and don't even like to go there and view other people's pictures.

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