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Re: It is one, not "all over.."

aleksanderpolo wrote:

Thank you for your reply. That's good to hear. My camera is at CRIS waiting for parts, hopefully the dust issue is due to defects and not from day to day normal operation. As the former will be a one time issue, the later would require repeated service...

Any idea how I can contact Joe regarding other potential issues?

I've just learned that my GR is also at CRIS, and the customer service rep I spoke to about an hour ago said they ordered a part yesterday for my camera. She said she doesn’t know when the part will arrive from Ricoh, and she emailed me information that allows me to track the status of the repair online.

Has your GR been returned to you yet? If so, are you happy with the results?

I'm disappointed that, under the circumstances, Ricoh is not replacing the camera. I know that repair or replacement of the camera is at the manufacturer's discretion, but considering that the resolution of this problem depends on a part that is not in stock at CRIS, Ricoh is adding significant inconvenience to consumers for a problem caused by a manufacturing error and/or lack of quality control.

For me, it's not about "getting a new camera;" it's about being without the camera for the additional week(s) it takes for CRIS to obtain the part(s) they need to fix the problem. I'm assuming the part is coming from Asia.

Regardless of what the warranty states, it's not good customer relations to force customers to wait for parts to fix a problem that was caused by the manufacturer. It's not as if only one person has experienced this particular problem. If six or more people on this forum have the problem, then there are certainly others, and however statistically (in)significant the problem is, Ricoh ought to proactively supply CRIS with the parts to quickly turn around repairs, or should promptly replace the affected cameras with new ones.

I love the camera, but I'm not happy with the customer service.


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