The Advantages of DR400 vs DR200 vs DR100 - High Contrast Scene

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Re: Good eye, Boris!

CAcreeks wrote:

BorisK1 wrote:

Trevor G says that EXR produces DR200 and DR400 differently: DR200 shoots a sub/frame for highlights at a half exposure, while DR400 does it at 1/4 exposure. But both of your DR200 and DR400 pictures look to be developed from the same RAW file (otherwise, the foam in the water would've moved between frames). What gives?

You are right - they were faked with the Curves tool and exiftool to change the Raw development field.

I would post some real ones, but frankly nobody cares about Fuji EXR any longer.

P.S. Why are you reading the Fuji Talk Forum?

I just came back from a hiking trip to the mountains, and my TG-1 really struggled with high contrast. I knew that ahead of time, and even considered getting an XF-1 - but didn't. In hindsight, it was a right call: The trip was tougher than I anticipated, and I needed a camera I knew reasonably well - or I would've come back with no pictures at all. (My DSLR stayed at home - I haven't touched it in over a year now).

The camera behaved well, except the built-in HDR was awful.  Olympus does it by taking multiple pictures in high ISO, and then averaging the result.  The processing takes a loong 5 seconds or so, and if there's any movement, it shows.  So it left me very much interested in Fuji's EXR.

Probably not the XF-1 though - its zoom ring calls for two-handed operation, and I did a lot of one-handed photography on that trip.  So I'll be watching for XF-2.

Still, HDR or no, I got some decent snaps of rocks and lakes:



Another lake

More rocks

Rim fire


and the "magic" mode was fun:

Oooh, magic!

But the built-in HDR sucked:

In-camera HDR - horrible artifacts after 5 seconds of "busy"

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