V1 not the only camera to loose value. NEX 5R lost 1/2 its value in 7 months.

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Re: The V1 didn't "lose value"....

Jimmy jang Boo wrote:

Mouser wrote:

Jimmy jang Boo wrote:

SunnyFlorida wrote:

Jimmy jang Boo wrote:

tex wrote:

...because by virtually unanimous assent it was ridiculously priced to begin with.

Unanimous assent by the ignorant masses.

ahhh, hurling insults at educated consumers... SNIP and ZIP

If your post had been written by anyone else, I would take the to respond.

However, given your reputation here on the Nikon 1 System Talk forum, I choose not to.

SunnyFlorida is right... you may call them "ignorant masses", but they are actually potential customers.

Potential customers are one thing... informed customers / 'Educated consumers' are quite another, and the ignorant masses yet another. Among the ignorant masses there are some who like of SF, may seem to know enough a thing or two, but their foolishness gives them away.

The word you chose applies to you only as you constantly ignore the fact thatexpertslike DPreview agree with my opinion and tex's opinion and the opinion of educated consumers who all agree the 1-series was way overpriced You can continue to scream that the earth flat and call anyone who disagrees with you "ignorant" , the facts speak loud and clear above all your noise

" it's impossible to ignore the fact that at street prices of around $600 and $800, respectively (with 10-30mm lens kit), the J1 and V1 are entry-level mirrorless cameras that cost significantly more than several higher-end alternatives."

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