Is focus peaking necessary with 5axis IBIS and VF4?

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Wolf Hass Regular Member • Posts: 360
Is focus peaking necessary with 5axis IBIS and VF4?

I recently hiked out of the verdant valley of Panasonic to scale the rarified heights of Mount Olympus by getting the E-P5 with the VF4. I must say, wow. I now understand why so many raved about the 5 axis IBIS in the E-M5. Also, the VF4 seems like paradise after working with the GH3 EVF (although I recognize many seem to have no issue with the GH3 EVF)

I really like the zoom focusing feature on the E-P5. You can effectively get pinpoint focusing with it. Even at 14x, the IBIS works surprisingly well so when using it in conjunction with the VF4, you can effortlessly and clearly see when you have reached focus. (I use the S-AF with manual option.)

I also really like the live blinkies feature coming from Panny which doesn't have it.

My point however is this:

With all the hype over focus peaking I decided to switch on the focus peaking feature. I have to confess to you that I found the outlining in this case more irritating than helpful. Perhaps the E-P5 has a poor implementation of it or I'm an unappreciative Luddite

So is the focus peaking feature really necessary when you have the luxury of 5 axis IBIS and a viewfinder of the quality and clarity of the VF4?

I understand that choice is good but I'm curious how others view this.

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