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audiobomber wrote:

breeze_of_wind wrote:

I am sad to say have little concern with maintaining the loyalty of a shrinking base of users.

Thats a totally unjustified statement, we have had lots of newbies coming to the forum of late, a good loyal fan base. You might be disillusioned because nothing transpired today, but many here are happy with there lot, myself included that do actually use my pentax camera on a regular basis.

Do you have anything to back this up? I read two Pentax forums daily, and it seems to me there are at least a dozen new users posting they've bought Pentax for every one that announces they're leaving or have left.

Ricoh just opened up distribution in India, and have plans to enter more uncontested markets. The new K-50 and 500 are solid entries, far more interesting IMO than the competition. I expect that sales are growing due to these factors.

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