Pentax WG-3 vs Olympus TG-3 - movie limitations

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Re: Pentax WG-3 vs Olympus TG-3 - movie limitations

flyingrhino wrote:


I'm in the market for a rugged camera to take caving (note - wet, dirty, gets knocked, low light). Camera use will be stills and movies.

Have you considered a higher-quality subcompact, like a Sony RX100, in a waterproof housing?  Low light + extreme contrast are not an easy scenario to handle for a toughcam.

So far I've narrowed it down to Pentax WG-3 and Olympus TG-2. But both seem to have their problems and neither seems to be even remotely close to perfect

Photo quality has been reviewed quite deeply in DPR as well as other sites but no one seems to review movie mode properly. For example:

1a. What's the wide angle for movie mode in the Pentax and Olympus? Is it the same as photo mode?

In video mode, Olympus switches to something like 28mm.

I own a TG-1, and it has the dreaded "clicking sound" problem during video (AF mechanism constantly hunts, causing a rapid click-click-click sound, similar to a sewing machine or an old-style movie projector).  Not all TG-1/TG-2's have this problem.

A workaround that I use is to shoot videos in "Underwater Snap 2" mode.  It disables the AF and sets the lens to hyperfocal distance.  Unfortunately, it also disables the zoom.

The rest of your questions seem to be all about the Pentax, can't help you there, sorry.

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