The Advantages of DR400 vs DR200 vs DR100 - High Contrast Scene

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Re: The Advantages of DR400 vs DR200 vs DR100 - High Contrast Scene

I've done quite some experimenting with this today. Sitting at home taking shots from my desk of a wall with a brightly lit window with sky / buildings / hills in the distance. The difference in what's viewable through the window is very clear with DR100 (virtually everything blown out white), DR200 (buildings and hills visible) and DR400 (detail in the sky appears as well). So yes it works!

Tried it with RAW. At first inspection in LR4.4 the files look the same (DR100 vs DR400). But when I pull the EV back -2 or leave this on 0EV and instead reduce the highlight slider down to near zero, the sky and other background details appear from the DR400 RAF files, but not the DR100 file. So something is being written to the RAW file and with careful use of the shadows and blacks I can get a reasonably good output.

Anyway, thanks to your advice, I think I know how to use this now 

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