E-M1 Video Specs - Everyone loses

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Re: E-M1 Video Specs - Everyone loses

igorek7 wrote:

Gregm61 wrote:

Like ALOT of people, I won't be shooting one seconds' worth of video. Olympus is a camera company, and Panasonic is the electronics company.

Imaging represents only 16% of Olympus' sales. Olympus makes its money from it's non-photographic business - medical and scientific instruments, as well as the information and communication group.

And they make the best video a$$ scopes on the planet - full HD they say !

I get why a lot of the old Oly guard don't care about video - but if you are interested in Oly's future it HAS TO include quality video. Video is the future and what is bringing new young talent into the hobby/industry. You can put an obsure video on YouTube and become a star with millions of fans worldwide - that just doesn't happen with stills.

I don't get why you can buy the Codecs online as part of a firmware upgrade - that way everyone gets what they need.

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