Film Vs Digital (not the usual question)

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Re: Film Vs Digital (not the usual question)

Dennis wrote:

jrtrent wrote:

The OP unfairly characterized those who post-process their images as either lazy or of having poor taste, and you're doing the same for those who prefer to see what they can do when limiting themselves to the processing that can be set up to be performed in-camera upon the pressing of the shutter release.

I tried to explain that that's not exactly my thought here ... it's not so much about the decision to shoot jpeg (which I can respect, though it's not what I do). It's about what I read when someone not only shoots jpeg, but for some reason, decides to declare that a posted image was "SOOC". To me, that reads as a disclaimer, like the photographer is apologizing for not doing better.

Yes, I understood that and appreciated your clarification.

It was a reaction to the OPs comments and a bit overstated, but I think you get my point.

I thought I got your point, but then reacted (overreacted?) to your continued use of the word "lazy" ("Of course people like to do things differently. And some of them like to do things in lazier ways than others. . . So, to summarize: I have no issue whatsoever with people shooting jpeg only; I'm lazy about lots of things, including some aspects of photography.").  Maybe I'm just touchy about the word because I'm in denial about the real reasons for my preferring JPEG . . .

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