Dilemma: A99 vs new Olympus E-M1

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Re: Not so easy

jackgreen wrote:

First, I really don't buy Your 1 stop excuse. First, duet to noise character, Sony a99 is usable at least plus 2 stops in low noise compared to other APS-C Sony models (a77). Secondly, Sony actually acquires focus in reasonable time in this situation thanks to PDAF.

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You don't need to buy anything from me, there are many resources out there that back up the mere 1 stop difference.

DPR studio shot comparison: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/studiocompare.asp#baseDir=%2Freviews_data&cameraDataSubdir=boxshot&indexFileName=boxshotindex.xml&presetsFileName=boxshotpresets.xml&showDescriptions=false&headerTitle=Studio%20scene&headerSubTitle=Standard%20studio%20scene%20comparison&masterCamera=oly_em5&masterSample=p1010017.acr&slotsCount=4&slot0Camera=oly_em5&slot0Sample=p1010017.acr&slot0DisableCameraSelection=true&slot0DisableSampleSelection=true&slot0LinkWithMaster=true&slot1Camera=sony_slta99&slot1Sample=dsc00079.acr&slot2Camera=nikon_d600&slot2Sample=dsc_4526_03.acr&slot3Camera=sony_slta77&slot3Sample=dsc02826_2.acr&x=-0.2957903953660671&y=-1.3965126048582226


OMD: 826 ISO

A77: 801

A99: 1555

D600: 2980

D800: 2853

The common thought that a M43rd sensor and FF sensor of the same generation/efficiency will be about two stops apart holds true for the most part, just not for the A99. The A99 is well below competitors in it's class for noise performance. That doesn't make it a bad camera (it does many things very well on the contrary, and has a very good EVF and IBIS which is unique to it in this range). So comparing the A99 to the OMD and coming to the conclusion that the OMD is useless and the A99 is awesome is just silly. The OMD is to the A99 what the A99 is to the D800, 0.9 stops of difference in ISO performance between them.

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