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No, I Shoot My Subject Matter/Style, Even if Paid

No, I disagree. Even if you are paying me, I do a certain "style" and I only shoot the subjects I like, the way I like, even if you are paying me. Maybe you say I'm living in a dream world, but I really think that's how it's supposed to be. If you're a client, you find a photographer who shoots the subjects you like the way you like and you hire those persons. You do not DARE how a photographer that does a different style or subject matter & then think that because you're paying them they're supposed to go against their artistic style and do it the way you want. Nope.

If you like rap, you "hire" Jay-Z etc. If you like rock, you "hire" John Mellencamp. You don't hire Jay-Z and tell him that since you're paying him you expect him to sing "Jack & Diane." You don't hire John Mellencamp & say that since you're the one paying you expect him to rap "Dirt Off Your Shoulder."

I see no difference here. I don't do "Instagram" colors in my portraits, I don't photograph gay-lesbian unions (and I am totally respectful to any persons I meet), and that's that, I don't care if you're paying.

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