Heated debate about 17mm/1.8

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No heated debate... Just a "wishlist" for a higher spec...

gotompoes wrote:

I have been reading recently a long debate about the IQ of the 17 mm lens.

Bought a week ago the wonderful Olympus E P5 with the 17 mm/1.8 and at the same time the Sony RX100II. Walked around with both camera's and was able to compare the results in good light.
The little sony performed much better at 35mm (full frame equivalent) then the Olympus 17mm 1.8.
It should be the other way round.
As a result of that i will return the E P5 kit today.
I loved the E P5 but as a stand alone camera i consider it too expensive, with the 17 mm and the EVF it was for me an acceptable price.
It is possible that i bought a bad copy but the reviews about this lens have been mixed.
What to do next ?. I still have the fantastic Panasonic Leica 25 mm.
No doubt i will return to m4/3 as the system is athletic with a fantastic build quality.

I wouldn't say it was a heated debate.  Some people (many people) like to win an argument here on DPreview.  Nothing wrong with that...

In very simple terms, the 17mm is an ok lens, which meets some people's requirements and doesn't meet others.

To those who do not think it meets their requirements, no other better 35mm option exists, so (in my eyes) the decision is simple.  Find a system that has your favorite "high performance" FL (such as 35mm).

Keep in mind, not everyone loves 35mm as an FL.

Some like 24mm...  Some like 28mm, and some like 50mm.  So there is no perfect FL.

Depends on the photographer.

<That being said, I hope Olympus listens to their customers.

I doubt it.  Too much noise and complaints in the online community>

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