Film Vs Digital (not the usual question)

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Re: Film Vs Digital (not the usual question)

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jrtrent wrote:

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It's great to see "straight out the camera, no PP" on posted images

Not for me; I translate that as "not the best I could do, but I was too lazy to bother with it".

Exactly. Or "I don't know the first thing about post-processing so I will make it sound like I chose not to do it". Sort of like portrait photographers who proudly exclaim that they use "only natural light, not harsh studio light", because they don't have a clue about lighting.

Well, if we're re-translating other people's statements, yours and Dennis's read likes "anyone who doesn't agree with me or do things the way I do is not only lazy and/or incompetent, but also a liar." Is it really so hard to accept that not everyone likes to do things the same way?

You're missing the point, which is anyone who thinks photos out of the camera are unprocessed are betraying their ignorance, as are people who think studio lighting is harsh. Both are statements covering for the speaker's lack of knowledge of the subject.

I didn't see anyone say that out of camera photos are un-processed, only that they are not post-processed. In any event, that is not the point you made in your previous reply; you made it sound like anyone who chooses to post a picture with the information that it has not been post-processed does so because they lack the skill to do any post-processing and because they want to deceive others. I find that an unfair characterization.

No, that is not what I said. I said anyone who uses phrases such as "straight out the camera, no PP" or "only natural light, not harsh studio light" doesn't have a good understanding of either process. People who have an understanding of pre and post-processing options don't say things like "straight out the camera, no PP". They just present their image. They understand that the amount of processing that goes into an image is irrelevant. "straight out the camera, no PP" is a keyphrase indicative of a newbie. It's akin to saying "I drove to the store all by myself!". People who have been driving for 50 years don't say that.

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