What was your first digital camera?

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Re: What was your first digital camera?

Well, le t me see,

I started with a canon G3, 4MP I believe. Quite expensive too at the time. I believe it was 2002 or 2003. It was a good camera in fact, and the one that first made me believe digital wasn't all crap (i am talking compact models). I have some very nice photos of sicily made with it, and one that was even printed rather succesfully  at 40cmx30cm. Though one should try and keep isos around 50 (I didn't know that back then, iso 400 is already quite noisy --- but at least I did get that last photo of my grandfather, under bad lighting, while with film I would hve had no way to know he moved in the first attempt).

Most impressive part: that camera still works. I use it as a polaroid, when I am testing the lighting for photos taken with my RB67.  I must say that since then, no other camera I've had has had the same longevity. Though the fuji f200exr still performs nicely (but it has half the age of the g3).

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