Film Vs Digital (not the usual question)

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Re: Film Vs Digital (not the usual question)

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It's great to see "straight out the camera, no PP" on posted images

Not for me; I translate that as "not the best I could do, but I was too lazy to bother with it".

Exactly. Or "I don't know the first thing about post-processing so I will make it sound like I chose not to do it". Sort of like portrait photographers who proudly exclaim that they use "only natural light, not harsh studio light", because they don't have a clue about lighting.

Well, if we're re-translating other people's statements, yours and Dennis's read likes "anyone who doesn't agree with me or do things the way I do is not only lazy and/or incompetent, but also a liar." Is it really so hard to accept that not everyone likes to do things the same way?

Of course people like to do things differently. And some of them like to do things in lazier ways than others. I shoot my portraits in natural light. And yes, it's because I have no clue about lighting and am too lazy to bother. I'm good with that.

The word "lazy" has strongly negative connotations to it, as a quick glimpse of a list of its synonyms will show. For you to ascribe your own experience and choices to others is natural, but faulty, and calling others lazy without knowing their motivation is being unfairly disparaging.

My post was a reaction to the flawed notion that "straight out of camera, no PP" is somehow more noble; something to look for. Unless you're specifically looking to see how a camera's jpeg engine works, I see no specific merit in it. When I read it, I always wonder why the photographer felt the need to mention it (I don't say how I post processed a photo when I post it); it's nothing to brag about and it usually feels apologetic to me. Along the same lines as "just a quick snap, but wanted to share" or "didn't have a tripod with me".

I agree that there's nothing noble or pure about straight out of camera pictures--it's simply a preferred way of doing things--and I also agree that the simple statement "straight out of camera, no PP" is far from helpful. But then, neither is it helpful when those who post-process their images don't describe how they did it. DPReview used to include this statement in their rules:

"Unless it's discussion of a specific technique or setup please do not post "here's my latest picture / gallery" type posts in the camera specific forums, instead please use the Samples & Galleries forum."

What makes a posted picture more interesting for me is some discussion of how it was made; for example, camera and lens settings, camera supports used, metering technique, bracketing, any post-processing that was used, other angles or focal lengths that didn't work as well, or anything else pertinent or unique to getting the results you were after. And if it's an automated point-and-shoot shot, made with the camera's default settings, that's interesting to know, too! Just saying it was straight out of camera doesn't tell us very much.

So, to summarize: I have no issue whatsoever with people shooting jpeg only; I'm lazy about lots of things, including some aspects of photography.

The OP unfairly characterized those who post-process their images as either lazy or of having poor taste, and you're doing the same for those who prefer to see what they can do when limiting themselves to the processing that can be set up to be performed in-camera upon the pressing of the shutter release.  One is not more pure and noble than the other, nor is one more lazy than the other; it's simply different ways of enjoying the hobby.  In target shooting, I prefer handguns shot freehand with open iron sights while my friend prefers rifles, scopes, and a bench rest--one way is not better than the other, it's just two different ways to enjoy the range.

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