Dilemma: A99 vs new Olympus E-M1

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William Curtindale
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Your Dilemma (Not A Dilemma At All But Self Imposed)

I rarely reply to this type of post (Dilemma). I see you have been a DPreview member since 2009 and figure by now you should know better than any body on the forum what your likes / dislikes and needs are (at least I would hope so).

I looked at all the images on your site and enjoyed them very much (very creative - lots of use of grain effect and all B/W). Although I didn't see a single image that requires FF or expensive Zeiss lenses (or latest / greatest modern day equipment). You are an artist and will produce you images with what ever you have.

So, if weight is the big / important thing for you then that's where you should go. I don't see any risk about a new camera availability date because you already have equipment you can use if it doesn't arrive before leaving on your trip.

To me the biggest risk is having a new camera arrive three days before your trip and not having time to become totally familiar or not having all the little add on you want. In that case I would stick with what you have. You and only you are the best judge of what to do.

Good Luck

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A99, A900, A700 w/Zeiss Glass + Sony G

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