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Re: LCD icon issues

dan801 wrote:

This is probably the worst question asked in a long time.

I'm getting really annoyed at the little crosses that cluster in a square around the middle of my LCD screen of my nex-5r.

It obstructs the image and I don't understand what it's purpose is? I'm a suppose to use it for framing or are they the focus points?

CAn I turn them off? I also generally use grid lines - I can't see them over those dots on my screen and overall the grid lines are extremely light / dull too.

Driving me crazy..

I guess it's the PDAF (phase detection auto focus) grid that you're seeing.

You can disable it in Setup under "Phase Detection AF Area". It will not disable PDAF functionality, just the grid display.


Yup that's done it - that leaves me with two questions though.

The option is phase detection auto focus - on/off

By pressing off it does get rid of the grid but does that also turn pdaf off or just the dots on the LCD

Secondly what's the point of showing these crosses? Does pdaf only work within that small area of the sensor?

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