9/1/2013 Weekly landscape show and tell

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Re: last of my Norfolk Island shots

Hey Dags,

Yes you are correct about needing to target the photographer market. Such a beautiful place. But then your good photographers eye really helps too.

#1 Nice composition with great colors. Good job of blending too.

#2 Great control into the sun with very realistic looking colors.

#3 Sweet

#4 I've got to learn to do panno's. Nice respresentation of an old town.

#5 Oh dear, just a landscape and no water! --- Simple and elligent. Very well done. Especially for 'just hanging out of the car'.

#6 I can see myself walking down that beach. I've been invited in. Wonderful job of blending too.

#7 I'm guessing you took care of the effects of the cpol filter in processing.  It looks good.  Wonderful colors and great use of the rule of 3rds.

#8 Wow great sky. The buildings do look a bit bright but further processing may not help much as the look may not be natural.

#9 Great tree. Nice use of septa too.

#10 Wonderful framing and sky along with a good B&W conversion.

As time allows I'm going to have to look at the remaining 'keepers' on your flickr site.


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