E-M1 Video Specs - Everyone loses

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Re: E-M1 Video Specs - Everyone loses BUT not Panasonic users

Abrak wrote:

ryan2007 wrote:

Told the lot over the past few years Panasonic is the better and more innovative micro four thirds system. I get nothing but grief. Of course it made the ignore user list much better.

No one believes me. Many Olympus complaints three off the top on the OMD and the worst complaint about Panasonic was the GH-3's viewfinder.

Simple Panasonic is better then Olympus for what stands today. The GX-7 is not out yet but I assume it will be fine. If not, oh well.

The Panasonic GF-1, GX-1 and GH-3 are all great MFT's cameras. The only issue on the video side is any camera that wants to do video needs external microphone ability.

The GX-7 would be better with a mic input, fully articulating OLED and no moving viewfinder, that is a total waste in a camera like this. It is a good feature, but not for the GX-7.

Panasonic has done this long enough I am sure the GX-7 will be a good still camera and just ok for video for grab and go stuff. At the same price point the GH-3 is the current one to get for MFT's

It is interesting that your conclusion from this debate is that Panasonic makes better cameras - mine is rather the opposite. Panasonic obviously optimize their cameras for the hybrid market and have had better video specs than Oly forever.

With that being the case I am somewhat surprised by all the 'hybrid shooters' that seem desperate to shoot with an Oly. I would assume that IBIS has quite a lot to do with it.

Sure, but their is more to a camera then just image stabilization. Stabilization is a crutch that one gets spoiled with. It is nice to have for long lenses and really not necessary on the wide side.

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