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Re: Both sides of the debate?

lighthunter80 wrote:

lighthunter80 wrote:

honeyiscool wrote:

Let's remember that the two sides of the debate are:

17mm f/1.8 owners who, by and large, like the lens.


People who have never used the 17mm f/1.8 and assume that it is bad, based on certain cherry picked reviews.

Hardly a worthwhile debate.

I don't understand all this debate about this lens...

I used over the past years a lot of Canon pro gear (some of the best L primes) and really don't have an issue with the Oly 17/1.8. It is a very fine lens due to its super fast af, robust and clever design (snap mf). I own this lens since Jan 2013 and I can compare with what I have used in the past years. So I think that I know what a good lens is and what's not.

The only flaw I can see it's a bit pricy (maybe $100 too much if you ask me). I really cannot even say it is not sharp. I never hesitate to use it at f1.8. I might have seen sharper results at this aperture (e.g. my Sigma 85/1.4) but we are talking about pixel peeping here. Any of my images at f1.8 and on say A4 paper would look just great (technically).

If you haven't tried the lens, don't pre-judge it. If you have tried it and don't like it, then get something else and move on with live.

You guys would understand better this debate if you can read/comprehend better what's in that other thread.

You do not know whether those posters who criticised that lens have used the lens at all. Show me some proof that they are "people who have never used the 17mm f/1.8 and assume that it is bad", and don't confuse "using" with "owning". Some of those criticising posters specifically said they have used the 17/1.8, and returned or did not keep it (because it was not good). Many of those criticising it have definitely used it and tested it in great details and using precise methods, tools, care, experience and skills unavailable to most of the owners who defended the lens. They are the more thorough reviewers like Lenstip, DXOMark, etc and not your usual fly-by-night reviewers with suspect credibility and independence, like those reviewers who are always positive about whatever they review (or care to publish). Those critical reviewers also took photos and published sample photos.

As for cherry picking reviews, it is true that people pick what they want to read. I pick the ones who dare to criticise because it takes a lot of courage to publish negative results. One must be very careful and double check results to be sure, as it is not fun when a reviewer gets their results wrong. They can ruin their credibility, and that is the worst thing that can happen to a reviewer. Lenstip is not one that would deliberately criticise products to please their friendly suppliers of equipment for reviewing, unlike many reviewers. LensRentals do not owe suppliers favours either. You need to be careful however with reviewers with connections to the supplier or have special access to new equipment before they are available to anyone, like Giuglio, Robin Wong, Ming Thain, or some reviewers who almost alwyas like what they reviewed and comment unreasonably positively, even when their test result shows otherwise, like Photographyblog and SLRGear, or those who evade hard criticisms by not comparing products being reviewed with competitors products but only with the model that is being replaced by the product being reviewed. There is of course subjective opinions and bias, and relationships that we may not know about, and that is when the smarter readers need to be careful and to cherry pick.

Anyone can be a review and a reviewer can be anyone

As mentioned in that thread, I do not believe in owners positive opinions unless they are supported by test results. It should follow that any nice product would also test well, because many of the qualities can be measured in repeatable and compare-able tests.

OK? Now you have learnt something I hope and avoid getting so unhappy next time for getting something expensive that is widely criticised and ordinary. Defend all your want, but it is simply not smart to have made a mistake and then continue to publicise the mistake with subjective and unfounded arguments, just for the sake of getting some agreement with others who made the same mistake and who also need to defend their purchase. Grow up. The more you post about this, the more unsmart you look, but you probably don't even realise that.

Could you please leave me my personal opinion based on using this lens the last 8 months? Thank you.

I don't have to defend any purchase. I purchase regularly new gear and sell everything I don't like. I am not personally attached to products and don't mind losing a few dollars to get rid of stuff that doesn't suit my purpose.

Please work on your attitude. You sound like you stand above everything. Just accept that there are people who genuinely like this lens for what it is.

You are the one with a attitudinal problem. You were giving others advice about moving on with "live" and how they should or should be pre-judge a lens, based on some assumptions that others have not tried the lens (and putting yourself above reputable reviewers who performed careful test, and trivilising their results and opinions).  And now, you complain?

There are of course people who genuinely like this lens for what it is.  "Like" however does not necessarily indicate the quality of the lens in terms of resolution, distortion, usefulness when used for general shooting, which are the things that I was talking about.  I never said you cannot like your lens or that no one likes the lens.

Sometimes the only way to treat inappropriate behaviour is to do the same to the offenders, when reasoning fails.

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