Heated debate about 17mm/1.8

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I have been reading recently a long debate about the IQ of the 17 mm lens.

Bought a week ago the wonderful Olympus E P5 with the 17 mm/1.8 and at the same time the Sony RX100II. Walked around with both camera's and was able to compare the results in good light.
The little sony performed much better at 35mm (full frame equivalent) then the Olympus 17mm 1.8. It should be the other way round.

Performed "better" in what sense?

Fauxtographers who shoot test charts all day hate this lens. Photographers on the other hand know that this is the MFT lens for street photography and general people shots, especially indoors.

And frankly, the RX100 IQ is hugely overrated. There is no way it trounced the E-P5 in competant hands.

I do not read charts i simply had a long walk and had the RX 10011 en the E P5 with the 17 mm with me and the differences in all my pictures was noticeable. I ended up with no keepers for the E P5. Followed this up with some testing of the same subjects, close, 2 meter, 10 meter etc.
Pixel peeping was not even necessary to come to the conclusion to return the E P5 kit.

A brilliant and beautiful camera deserves a good lens and fortunately m4/3 offers a good choice.
If the objective of Olympus is to boost the sales of the 17mm 1.8 then i understand the kit lens offer.
My advice to Olympus is to lower the price of the E P5 and i will be the first one to come back.
Don't try to bundle it with weak lenses.

Whilst the RX10011 amazed it will not outperform the E P5 with the 20mm and 45mm lenses.

Where you shooting RAW or JPEG?

What f-stop were you using?

Are there sample photos to demonstrate how the RX100II image is superior?

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