Film Vs Digital (not the usual question)

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Re: Film Vs Digital (not the usual question)

Dennis wrote:

cmc1 wrote:

It's great to see "straight out the camera, no PP" on posted images

Not for me; I translate that as "not the best I could do, but I was too lazy to bother with it".

- Dennis

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If you are photographing dead people for the coroner/police, you probably want to limit the amount of human-biased photoshopping that is carried out on an image. One way of improving the credibility of such images may be to use the default camera processing, as it is perhaps less likely that a general-purpose development algorithm set by some Asian engineers will remove a gun from the image or something similar.

In some photography settings, viewers may have similar expectations. If you show an amazing landscape image and it turns out that you assembled a nice sky shot taken in Mexico in 2008 with a land shot taken in Canada in 2013, many would be disappointed in you. Those things are possible in photoshop, but not practically possible in-camera. Thus some may appreciate the "honesty" of in-camera images.

Me myself, I only want my images to be "pretty" or "interesting". I'll happily use any trick that I have the time and resources to execute well.


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