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Macx wrote:

Advent1sam wrote:

Paul Auclair wrote:

hoping some experienced videographers are reading this.

i watched some EM-5 video. author states he learned to set sharpness at -2 with EM-5.

one question I have still is...AE.

i recall fiddling with EM-5 in video mode and not being able to stop the camera from changing exposure level as i panned around the scene.

i normally have the camera set to M for stills so i assume it goes to M when switching to video mode, no?

It goes to whatever you set it in the video menu, PASM are all available. In the PAS settings you can also lock exposure, ae-lock, in and out too while videoing. So changing exposure can be locked out on the EM-5, no problem. To be fair, I am not that bothered about the lack of 25p, the problem is flicker from light sources on an evening in euro countries, but even this can be minimized by setting 1/50 shutter. I guess it is what it is, but the lack of 24p and a 50/60p for 0.5 slo mo makes it restrictive for really creative stuff.

Yes. Though it isn't the ideal solution, as you risk smearing when going below the 1/60 shutter time (180 degree shutter), which is why a 25 fps would be much appreciated.

Agreed, but the video appears buttery smooth on the em-5 at 1/50, so it doesn't seem to be noticeable. Honestly, I would prefer 50mbit 50p and 28mbit 25p but if its only 30p 24mbit and the codec is strong, as per the d5200 and d7100 niks then it should be good enough... for hobbyists. But for others who intend to use it semi-pro/pro it's no go for video I guess, dissapointing as the IBIS is outstanding ;-(

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