E-M1 Video Specs - Everyone loses

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Re: E-M1 Video Specs - Everyone loses

Macx wrote:

cameron2 wrote:

Macx wrote:

I agree completely. More and more pro work is videography for the web. This would be such an advantage for Olympus if it offered high quality video

Hogwash. Uploading a video out of the EM1 will discard 90% of the quality of the video file. (Same with stills.)

As for this silly thread: People who expect every camera announcement to be "the one" are always going to find something to be disappointed about.

Go out and take some pictures.

I know it seems spoiled, and I don't pretend that I personally would be able to get the full use out of much better video, but more and more video work is made with dslrs and other "still" cameras. For a "pro" camera the ability to have flexible video modes is important, and a camera that combines good dynamic range, "steady-cam-like" IBIS and PDAF video would appeal to professionals that might otherwise use a 5D3.

PDAF for video? Do you mean PDAF confirmation as really i think the contrast detection of the m43 systems is much better for c-af than the lumpy c-af of dslrs for video. In manual focus mode though its nice to have the focus confirmation box come up on my Sony slt. Maybe they added the focus peaking though for video in which case you don't need the focus confirm box?

I can't help thinking it's bad business not to cater for this segment, especially as it's a segment that might be interested in getting the more expensive 4:3 lenses for this camera generating some much needed extra revenue for the company. Plus, they get the sales to all the enthusiasts that want to use what they see the pros use, also known as the "Canon segment". Just kidding.

But, on the other hand, there is a mic input now, so maybe the rumours aren't speaking of the final firmware.

And, btw, more bandwidth does matter, as already pointed out. One thing is that you don't want digital artefacts in your video, since that really breaks the spell, but with more bandwidth and 4:2:2 you'll get clean chroma-keying and other post-processing "magic".

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