Heated debate about 17mm/1.8

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Re: Where is the heat.?

Sergey Borachev wrote:

tt321 wrote:

boris Fincheltub wrote:

dv312 wrote:

For the 17mm 1.8 is my main lens on the EPL5 and its purpose in life, street and all around shooting

It replaced my trusted 20mm and I much prefer it to the latter

It's sharp, has fast AF, is built like an expensive lens, and looks exquisite

Only nitpick I see is I wish it's a bit flatter like the 17mm f2.8

As it is , it looks a bit large on the EPL5 but fits the EP3 much better

I wouldn't worry much about any debate about the lens if your goal is to have an excellent all around lens on your MFT camera


Its funny, a heated debate when there was not debate at all, everyone is happy with this lens, if you prefer the sony tnats fine too but dont make us loose time

There is always tribal behaviour. The other thread where there was a heated debate was people arguing that the 17/1.8 was sub-par compared with other M43 lenses, and tests were quoted to make that case. That was internal M43 affairs so to speak. This here is invoking non-M43 comparison so people's attitude could have subtly changed. In any case people have said what they had to say in the previous thread and nobody was able to persuade anyone to change their positions so why bother again...

Apparently some owners are still very unhappy about their lens being criticised and have to seek comfort from other owners, so much so another thread was created to talk about this.

Did you read the OP of this thread? This thread was certainly not created so that owners of this lens could seek comfort from each other. Far from it.

The original thread had a point to make and the respondents made their own somewhat counter-points. This thread had a slightly different point to make but by now has also run into the nobody will persuade anyone else situation.

Let me make a hitherto unmade or under-made point: Have you noticed that the 35mm FoV is usually covered with competent but non-stellar primes if you look at almost any system? Even expensive items such as the 24/1.8 E-mount fail to really impress. Before the appearance of the recent Sigma 35mm/1.4 for FF, almost no truly 1st class testers have emerged at this FoV. The 17/1.8 is just very normal, competent but no MTF king.

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