Heated debate about 17mm/1.8

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Re: Bring back the thumbs down

Sergey Borachev wrote:


OK? Now you have learnt something I hope and avoid getting so unhappy next time for getting something expensive that is widely criticised and ordinary. Defend all your want, but it is simply not smart to have made a mistake and then continue to publicise the mistake with subjective and unfounded arguments, just for the sake of getting some agreement with others who made the same mistake and who also need to defend their purchase. Grow up. The more you post about this, the more unsmart you look, but you probably don't even realise that.

What an arrogant contribution to the discussion Sergey.  Questioning the motivation and intelligence of any who would not agree with you is not helpful.

Oh, and the smiley face at the end really looks out of place.


He is not questioning their intelligence etc. He knows they intelligence level and he was amused by such juvenile and un-smart behavior. That is why. I think the smiley is there. And it was amusing because that lens is so average. And I have used it BTW, which means I am an expert now

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