E-M1 Video Specs - Everyone loses

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Re: FYI for me...

Paul Auclair wrote:

hoping some experienced videographers are reading this.

i watched some EM-5 video. author states he learned to set sharpness at -2 with EM-5.

one question I have still is...AE.

i recall fiddling with EM-5 in video mode and not being able to stop the camera from changing exposure level as i panned around the scene.

i normally have the camera set to M for stills so i assume it goes to M when switching to video mode, no?

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It goes to whatever you set it in the video menu, PASM are all available. In the PAS settings you can also lock exposure, ae-lock, in and out too while videoing. So changing exposure can be locked out on the EM-5, no problem. To be fair, I am not that bothered about the lack of 25p, the problem is flicker from light sources on an evening in euro countries, but even this can be minimized by setting 1/50 shutter. I guess it is what it is, but the lack of 24p and a 50/60p for 0.5 slo mo makes it restrictive for really creative stuff.

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