QX100,QX10 already hits no.1 best selling camera lens at amazon.

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Re: QX100,QX10 already hits no.1 best selling camera lens at amazon.


i certainly hope Ricoh does not jump on that train.

Pentax might do so.

Ricoh is a niche brand, making cameras for photo enthousiast, cameras with really great capabilities,

This Sony add on will perform average very good, but a Ricoh fan is not really interested in average pics, we want niche pics, so i can imagine during holidays everybody wants to make that same picture of the falls or the Eifeltower with their smartphone QX,

but a Ricoh fan climbs in to the tower and shoots parrallel to the beams top -down or makes a perfect BxW of 2 drops of the falls.

I really can see the market for this growing, probably easier this way, than to make  a 24 MP smartphone, like Nokia or Samsung is trying to do.

Everybody is jumping in the same pool and smartphone adn pocket cams is simply the next step in the black hole smartphone evolution, which began by eating portable radio,  MP3 players, MP4, Ipods, GPS,... and now is trying to suck in tablets (very big smartphones) and pocket cams.

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