Heated debate about 17mm/1.8

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Re: Both sides of the debate?

Anyone can be a reviewer and a reviewer can be anyone.

Listening to owners can be the biggest mistake one makes.  An owner can have zero to great knowledge.  Some really knowledgeable and some not so much but could still be very loud, especially when they feel their purchase decision or intelligence have been challenged by someone criticising a lens.  They need to realise that the criticism is towards a lens, an object, and there is no need to take offence as our requirements are different.  Many people will feel good to have a lens that do what they want even though it has some flaws that do not show up due to their style of photography.  Fine, no problem.  Many will have feel happy and proud to have a shiny lens that looks nice and have a big price.  Fine too, just don't read reviews and posts about optical performance if you don't know how good you lens really is.

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