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Re: PLEASE PLEASE let us be able to define custom groups of settings via API

Piafinho wrote:

cwinte wrote:

This API has nowhere near the level of detailed access, we do have video, we do have zoom control (optical and clear zoom etc) but no access to setup menus etc... YET

Dear Sony - please just plug in access to the storage behind menus. I know it may need checking for valid values but indicating a choice number is pretty easy and SO needed.

A neat way to interact with control dials and buttons will be powerful too...

Maybe a save-all on start of CameraRemote and restore-all to prior state on exit from Camera Remote is a good thing - or at least a good default.

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I would be VERY happy if they expose the API already used by other tools (Remote Control, Bracket Pro, ...)

Waiting for access for the following EXISTING methods:




setExposureCompensation (This one is available via the Remote Controll App)

If they give access to the above ones allowing me to use RAW via my app, then I can promise there will be a brand new bracket App with 3, 5, 7 pictures

A user at EOSHD posted that the new Playmemories camera app now has these methods:

getAvailableFNumber, getSupportedFNumber, setShutterSpeed, getShutterSpeed, getAvailableShutterSpeed, getSupportedShutterSpeed, setIsoNumber, getIsoNumber, getAvailableIsoNumber, getSupportedIsoNumber, setExposureMode, getExposureMode, getAvailableExposureMode, getSupportedExposureMode, setWhiteBalance, getWhiteBalance, getAvailableWhiteBalance, getSupportedWhiteBalance, setCreativeStyle, getCreativeStyle, getAvailableCreativeStyle, getSupportedCreativeStyle, setPictureEffect, getPictureEffect, getAvailablePictureEffect, getSupportedPictureEffect, setLiveviewSize, getLiveviewSize, getAvailableLiveviewSize, getSupportedLiveviewSize, setPostviewImageSize, getPostviewImageSize, getAvailablePostviewImageSize, getSupportedPostviewImageSize, setProgramShift, getSupportedProgramShift, setAELock, getAELock, getAvailableAELock, getSupportedAELock, setBracketShootMode, getBracketShootMode, getAvailableBracketShootMode, getSupportedBracketShootMode, setExposureCompensation, getExposureCompensation, getAvailableExposureCompensation, getSupportedExposureCompensation, setSelfTimer, getSelfTimer, getAvailableSelfTimer, getSupportedSelfTimer, setShootMode, getShootMode, getSupportedShootMode, getAvailableShootMode, setStillSize, getStillSize, getSupportedStillSize, getAvailableStillSize, setCameraFunction, getCameraFunction, getSupportedCameraFunction, getAvailableCameraFunction, setBeepMode, getBeepMode, getSupportedBeepMode, getAvailableBeepMode, actTakePictureByTouch, actTakePicture, awaitTakePicture, startMovieRec, stopMovieRec, startIntervalStillRec, stopIntervalStillRec, getApplicationInfo, getAvailableApiList, getMethodTypes, getServiceProtocols, getVersions, getStorageInformation, startLiveview, startLiveviewWithSize, stopLiveview, startRecMode, stopRecMode, receiveEvent, getEvent, actZoom, actFormatStorage, setCurrentTime, actEnableMethods

No quality or format though, but i wonder what getSupportedCameraFuntion does on a NEX 6/5R/5T

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