Dilemma: A99 vs new Olympus E-M1

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Thinking about problems ...

jackgreen wrote:

I dont argue about portability of Olympus. But it's just pretty much useless in bad light.

So, I would ask, If You leave take Olympus with you, due to small size and portability, spend energy on shooting and there is no outcome...

My friend, you are sitting a lot at your desk, thinking too much about what might have happened if ... ?

Earler we took a lot of great photographs with Kodak Tri-X film, ISO 400, developed with Kodak HC-110 or Agfa Rodinal. Grainy. Yes! But this was the best we could get. Sometimes he Tri-X was pushed all the way up to ISO 800! We just had to work around some obstacles, then we came back with pictures that was printed and told stories, no matter light conditions. And now you are worrying about ISO settings so high that they rarely are used for real world work ...

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