That RAW Troublemaker Again With Files

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Re: That RAW Troublemaker Again With Files

mick232 wrote:

Gary Eickmeier wrote:

OK I tried to put links to four files, but it led to links to all of my stuff in my computer - or it seemed like.

Still struggling with Google Drive.

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Gary Eickmeier

Original JPG:

Original RAW conversion by OP:

Photo Ninja version:

Please make sure to compare the 100% images.

I see the following differences:

- shadow detail much better preserved in RAW (bushes in the background)

- highlights better recovered (shirt on shoulder)

- fewer sharpening artifacts (fence), I think the JPG is oversharpened and I deliberately kept sharpening to a lower amount

- there is more noise in my RAW version, but I kept the noise reduction at a medium setting to avoid the watercolor effect I see in the JPEG image (e.g. tree at the top, mast)

Overall, it is a matter of taste. And honestly, the JPG version in fact is quite good actually, except maybe for the lost details in the shadows.

Here is the full photo after RAW conversion:

Mick, that is the best one of all! Which RAW processor did you use? What was the basic idea, or workflow that you used to do it?

To all: Again, did NOT mean for another RAW vs JPG thread, just an off comment about something that surprised me when I was downloading and working a project. I have already been convinced about the value of RAW, as I said before.

Things I have learned: I did not know that the IDC can do the lens corrections just like the camera does. Fabulous. I learned a little more about all of the seemingly competing exposure adjustments like why is there a Whites slider as well as a Highligts slider? Blacks and Shadows? I suppose you should pick a RAW program and stick with it until you learn it.

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Gary Eickmeier

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