That RAW Troublemaker Again With Files

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Re: ok, I gave 833 a shot...

Alan_S wrote:

Gary Eickmeier wrote:

Gary Eickmeier wrote:! Forehead slap! NOW you're talking! Try this:

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Gary Eickmeier

First your in-cam jpg (isn't this the one you started that entire other thread on, showing it was "better" than processed from RAW?):

...followed by results after a few seconds of basic slider adjustments in ACR:

which once again demonstrates why I don't waste card space on in-cam JPGs, even with casual snapshots like this one (if nothing else, look at the detail gained in the clouds!). As "good" as in-cam processing may be, I've always seen better results processing to my own liking.

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- AlanS

OK me too - recalibrated everything and tried it in RAW once again, got something very similar to yours. Proud of myself. The trick was to keep the sky and clouds while brightening exposure on the subject. I think what I did was the exposure first, then take whites down for the sky problem. A touch of Vibrance and Clarity.

Well, yours is still better in the clouds.

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Gary Eickmeier

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