E-M1 Video Specs - Everyone loses

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Re: E-M1 Video Specs - Everyone loses

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My purpose in posting my disappointment in advance of the announcement is naively hopeful ..... in that, i seem to remember someone pointing out that Oly marketing/development folk sometimes read this specific forum.

I just want people to voice their frustration, I want Olympus to "listen to users" (to quote the tech guy in the leaked video of the EM1) hopefully someone at Olympus hears and an update or a last minute addition of some kind can make it in to the final production model.

Its just such a waste... 5 axis IBIS and poor video options. It makes no sense.

I agree completely. More and more pro work is videography for the web. This would be such an advantage for Olympus if it offered high quality video

I am sorry, but how 24 mbps is not high quality "videography for the web"? Most people, like 99%, don't even have connection that fast, so you will have to compress further.

This thread is again showing how a very small number of posters can be very loud even though they represent only a few % of the total number of M43 users and also a small % of potential customers who will be buying this E-M1. Their own specific interest is not representative of what is of interest to the vast majority of people who are looking at the E-M1. Most people here do not care about very high quality video.

This is the same with those few who yelled for a E-7. Most people here do not care about 4/3. They do not own and will not buy 4/3 lenses, however good they are. They don't care about heavy DSLRs, that's why they are here. Very very few M43 users care about big expensive lenses from the past.

This is the same with those few who keep yearning and wailing for lenses longer than 300mm here. Most people do not care about such long lenses. 95 % of them shoot most of their photos from 12mm to 150mm. The advantage of a small size M43 is lost with very long lenses that are fast enough to be usable or very long lenses that are not so fast and require tripods.

I think Olympus has shown a lot of good sense this time with the E-M1 and 12-40mm. It gives the camera all those things that the majority wants, addressing the genuine and valid complaints, and not the whims of those with fringe interest. For example, a built-in grip, better size for the controls, 4:3 LCD, microphone input, improvements for HDR, integrating the VF-4, ... , while keeping the size compact unlike the GH3. It even provides a lens hood for the 12-40mm, which is again addressing a popular request for such a high-end zoom lens, while keeping its price reasonable.

Everyone loses? It should be clear only a few people are disappointed and they should just go get the GH3. Everybody else wins.

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