Film Vs Digital (not the usual question)

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Re: why oh why?

tko wrote:

Why do people thinking pointing the camera and pushing the button on a fully automatic device involves some great deal of skill, while post processing doesn't? Isn't it the other way around?

I suspect the reason so many complain about post is that it isn't easy to do well, and they feel left out . . . I'm really curious about the number of post processing critics that have a high level of computer skills. It probably took me years to feel comfortable with Photoshop, and learn how to "see."

I think your only part right here. Those of us who had darkrooms and did the proccess understand that making the image involved making an exposure and proccessing the negative to achieve pre determined at times resaults.  Photography never ended with pushing the button. Even making poloroids was open to pridictale minipulation between exposure and development times and tempertures.

Photography is not a singl act its process and all the steps along the way from the idea to the finished print or presentation file are important parts of that process.

many amateur photographers at the apex of the film days shot only color and left an intergal and important part of that process to someone else to carry out, so there was a disconnect between what they saw and captured and what came back from the color lab. This carries over into digital where the expectation is they will push the button and someone else either with firm ware or what ever will do the porcessing. Its kinda like buying chicken at the super market all cut up and shrink wrapped and having no understanding of the proccess  of raising and slaughtering chickens so you can eat.

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