Highlight/Shadow "blinkies" on OM-D E-M5 - frustrated in M mode

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Re: Highlight/Shadow "blinkies" on OM-D E-M5 - frustrated in M mode

Thanks for the comments everyone. My thoughts:

CharlesB58 wrote:

Bob Tullis wrote:

It's the spot meter that's confusing you, if I follow. When you dial it in for one area and recompose, the results will reflect the exposure settings according to the new location of the spot.

This is correct. Spot metering is tricky if you are not used to it. The blinkies are reflecting H/S relative to the settings according to where you metered.

Exactly the problem, Bob.

Given that I'm in Manual mode and have already set my exposure I want to see the recomposed scene based on my already-fixed exposure, not some hypothetical new exposure at a new metering spot.

I've used spot metering for over 30 years, so know it inside out. It's my intuitive way of metering, and I must admit I prefer it to using larger areas. I'll spot meter both highlights and shadows and then base my exposure on a balance between the two.

My current issue is not to do with my metering method but that the camera is automatically re-metering with the reframed image.

Bob Tullis wrote:

exdeejjjaaaa wrote:

Bob Tullis wrote:

When you dial it in for one area and recompose, the results will reflect the exposure settings according to the new location of the spot. Since you're in manual, take the shot anyway - what you metered with spot initially should be reflected accurately despite what the display is showing when you recompose.

but the OP still wants to be comfortable w/ what he sees in EVF regardless that exposure itself is actually dead set in M mode (exposure time and aperture that control the light falling on sensor) because when he was spotmetering originally, he did not see the whole scene that he intended to photograph (he recomposed after metering, so new parts will enter the EVF)... so that is why it is still nice idea to have exposure metering locked somehow even in M mode

You're correct Bob, but as exdeeejjjaaaa explains (more clearly than I did myself!) this is exactly the problem!

Timur Born wrote:

- Use PAS mode and use AEL via button FN1 (unfortunately not available in M mode).

Yes, inexplicably, AEL isn't available in M mode. But as you say switching modes is a solution.

Bob Tullis wrote:

If doing this and recomposing (in Av mode) I'll lock the exposure before recomposing.

exdeejjjaaaa wrote:

then OP might be suggested to try to use Av mode then instead of M mode, because locking exposure in Av mode w/ properly selected focus point (off center) shall give him the same results (exposure time and aperture locked) and w/ correct blinkies as he was trying to get in M mode....using AEL will effectively make it (A mode for example) = M mode for OP's purposes

Changing modes is a good suggestion. Thanks.

As a manual shooter for over 30 years this will mean a readjustment of my methods (which can't be a bad thing), but I'll definitely try it.

But it introduces a new question:

I currently shoot in S-AF mode, using the Fn button for AF (Mode 3), so I can focus, then recompose as much as I like before taking the shot. I have keep the camera in M exposure otherwise as I press the shutter button it would choose a new exposure. (page 93 of the manual)

If I switch to Mode 1 (or 2) to use the Fn button for AEL, then in both these modes AF is assigned to a half-press of the shutter button, which is not what I want at all. It means after I recompose and try to take the shot the camera will refocus!

And that suggests I will now have to use the camera in manual focus (MF) mode, with no way to activate AF at all!

Have I missed something here?  I simply want to set my exposure and focus independently, then recompose and shoot, without the camera deciding to remeter or refocus as I press the shutter button!

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