E-M1 Video Specs - Everyone loses

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Re: E-M1 Video Specs - Everyone loses

CollBaxter wrote:

If you want a video camera buy a video camera.

This is patently false in the sense that today's DSLR and mirrorless cameras produce video that looks as good or better than all but the professional level cinema cameras like the RED, Blackmagic Cinema camera, Sony F5, etc. that are anywhere from $3000-65,000.

The 1990s style camcorder is not going to begin to produce high quality video with any DOF control like a large sensor DSLR or mirrorless.

Or better still a 5DMKIII. Oh but I forgot its to big and its a DSLR and a dodo bird on top of it.

Oh here we go. The 5DMKIII is an excellent camera, and no it's not *too* big for most adult males.  It's when photographers think they need to mount huge pro-caliber f/2.8 zooms in order to make images and look the part.  I use almost all primes - 28-50-85 1.8G on my FF DSLR (and a 70-200 f4 VR) and it's lightweight, easy to handle and offers superb IQ.

That said, you do not need a 5DMkIII (or Nikon equivalent) to produce great looking video as both the Panasonic GH2 and GH3 have some of the best video available.  My GH2, both when it was un-hack and hacked, produces gorgeous video IQ and it has most of the necessary frame rates and a mic jack to mount my Sennheiser shotgun mic.

If your definition of a pro camera is a excellent video cam than you are in the wrong forum or wrong site.

Again, no.  There are tons of great cameras featured on this website that get used in professional shoots.  Most of the better DSLRs, the Canons and the newer Nikons, the Panasonic GH series, Sony's RX100 has some of the very best video quality ever found in it's class of camera.  It produces absolutely stunning IQ and because it offers 1080p60, it is extremely flexible.

All Olympus has to do is add some better frame rates, and raise the bit-rate (lower compression) so that aliasing and artifacts are not too troubling.  The E-M5 produces nice sharp video.  It's just that 30p is not very cinematic looking so it at the very least needs 24p.  1080p60 AVCHD would be great, but that is not likely.  24p seems possible, but not likely.

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