V1 not the only camera to loose value. NEX 5R lost 1/2 its value in 7 months.

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Re: The V1 is nice, but hardly a Ferrari...

I agree, the V1 isn't a Ferrari. The D800 is more like a Ferrari in terms of cost, size, weight with a much bigger motor / sensor. The V1 is more like the Ariel Atom, it doesn't cost nearly as much, is much smaller and lighter and faster too.

Truth be told there is so much more to camera performance metrics than the mere size of the sensor.

At 4-6 fps the D800 is far from being a Ferrari! It also needs much more storage than a Ferrari could cope with

An arial atom is a good comparison with the 1 series, although build quality of the 1 series is better!

But then nitpicking about the car brand is really missing the point... as you all know!
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