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When is tog's comfort level accounted for?

So, I make my living photographing women.  I shoot fashion, portraits, mag covers, editorial, lifestyles, athletes, executives, lingerie catalogues, swimwear... etc...

Let's suppose a client requests me to photograph extra large obese women in swimwear.  Or let's suppose the client wants me to photograph ninety year old women in lingerie.  I would be uncomfortable taking that job.  And aside from my discomfort, I wouldn't want to take the job because I wouldn't want my name and reputation to be associated with the final result.

"Oh that's the guy who shoots old fat ladies in G-strings"

Not the image I want, regardless of my discomfort.

And yes, it is down to the type of woman... not the type of photography.  I shoot lingerie, but not in the manner requested by the client.

Could I be sued by refusing to take such a job?  Could a judge force me to do so and not care about my comfort level photographing a certain type of person in a manner I typically do?

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