E-M1 Video Specs - Everyone loses

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Re: E-M1 Video Specs - Everyone loses

cameron2 wrote:

Macx wrote:

I agree completely. More and more pro work is videography for the web. This would be such an advantage for Olympus if it offered high quality video

Hogwash. Uploading a video out of the EM1 will discard 90% of the quality of the video file. (Same with stills.)

As for this silly thread: People who expect every camera announcement to be "the one" are always going to find something to be disappointed about.

Go out and take some pictures.

Hog wash bull crap, What you fail to understand is that this Thread is about the short comings of the E-M1! It's pathetic how bad the video is considered by Oly. The GH3 is the camera over the E-M1 and the EM5 both in still and definetly video, slight edge to the EM5 in jpegs, but that can be done in post on the GH3 thru raw!. Olympus could have really done well if they would have taken video specs more serious, It's a changing world, the majority of people want both Video and great stills, they are losing sales of lens's that r Great!, and bodies all because of there poor video specs! I don't care what anyone's opinion is if it's the opposite of mine, this is for Olympus!.

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