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The level of self-righteousness from Olympus fanboys is seriously nauseating. I love my Olympus, but I really do find that it could be better at video. Why shouldn't you want Olympus to be the best that they can be at something that shouldn't even be that hard? I understand not adding a headphone output, because that would actually add to the costs of the camera and actually be a feature that adds some money and affects non-video users, but updating the codec or maybe having an on-screen display for mic levels is the kind of thing that doesn't cost end users any real money and would be a one time investment at worst.

I seriously doubt that a Sony-sourced sensor only has 30 fps readout, but I honestly don't really care about 60 fps, good 30 fps should mostly be enough. We know that the 5-axis IBIS is the best in its class when it comes to video stabilization in interchangeable lens cameras, and spare me the talk about how pros don't use video stabilization because most of them grew up in a time when that wasn't an option. Movies and TVs and documentaries made 10-15 years from now will definitely have all kinds of camera-assisted stabilization, I can guarantee that. Clearly Olympus cares a little bit about video, because they have at least gone from 60i to 30p, they updated EM-5 IBIS to work in video after it was released, they updated E-P5 IBIS to support panning, and now, the EM-1 clearly has an external mic input. So spare me the talk about how Olympus doesn't care about video because they've already spent some resources on it. Clearly they half care. We just want them to care a little bit more so that they can make their cameras truly usable for video. Which wouldn't even be that hard.

Luckily, Panasonic and Blackmagic are doing what they can to hold down the video side of the M43 fort, which will in fact help grow the platform and ultimately be good for all of us, whether you shoot video or not. Nikon, Panasonic, Sony, and Canon all have very competent video in their cameras, and in the case of Nikon, they, like Olympus, aren't a serious player in dedicated video cameras and also source their sensors from Sony. But unlike Olympus, all the newer Nikon cameras are very good for video, and Nikon stills shooters aren't complaining that they're paying for a feature their don't use. If Olympus could get to the level of Nikon in terms of video, they will definitely sell more than enough cameras to offset the investment (which should be minimal) and Olympus users will benefit.

And really, that's all we ask for. When we think about spending $1,600 on a new camera, we just want "but Olympus sucks at video" to be part of history. Because most other stills cameras costing that much are quite capable at video.

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