70-400 II produce worst images than version I?

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Re: 70-400 II produce worst images than version I?

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RoxanneY wrote:


Help! What is the conclusion? Is the G1 version at least as good as the G2, but just with slower AF? I just ordered the G2, but it's on back order so I have a chance to cancel and reorder the G1. I'm getting mine mainly for the distance so that I can shoot choral singing from the back of the room, so I'm not sure that a slower AF would really impact me...and when you guys talk about the AF being slower do you mean just a fraction of a second slower, or seconds slower.What is important is that the pictures be as sharp as they can be esp at 400mm. Is this better on the G1?

Thanks as always for sharing your experience and knowledge!


I only have the G1 so I can't speak of how it compares to the G2. But I can say that the G1 is a FANTASTIC lens and focuses plenty fast for me.

Whether or not the G1 or G2 will work best for you... if the "faster" AF of the G2 is to a degree that will benefit your shooting situations... is not something anyone can tell you. They'll try... but they don't really know. To one person, a fraction of a second faster might be so significant that they tout it to be "amazing!". To another person, that same fraction of a second faster might be no big deal and doesn't warrant the price difference between the two versions. Which person are you? Do you have the $? If you buy the G1, will you always wonder if you should have gotten the G2?

I love my G1 and don't think faster AF of any degree would be worth the $... for me. The image IQ is the primary factor for me and all reports point to that being basically identical with both the G1 and G2. So I have no interest in the G2. But that's me... that's my opinion based on my needs and my finances and my experience with my G1.

Keep in mind that a large percentage of the people making statements on these lenses probably have never owned or used even one of them, let alone both.

Hi JPEG Shooter!

I'd probably be happy with either atm, considering that I don't have anything better.  There seems to be alot of happy G1ers out there.


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