70-400 II produce worst images than version I?

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Re: 70-400 II produce worst images than version I?

ijsvogel wrote:

i work with both lenses , and the IQ from both lenses is for me the same.

the only different is that the G2 is faster than the G1 , so if you shoot BIF (birds in flight) or something else what move`s , i think the G2 is a beter choice

if that is not important for you , you can buy also the G1, make no different , but the price is better than the G2

what i also like at the G2 is that it`s white

i have taken picture`s with the G2 and crop to 100% , it`s very good , and razor-sharp


Thank you Gustav!

I guess that I will wait and see how long it takes for Sony to get the G2 back in stock.  I have been waiting a long time already to make this purchase and would like to play with it as soon as I can. It's good to know that both take great pics!

I do like the white too, but was hoping to get the 70200 at some point in which case it might be nice to have them clearly distinguishable.


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